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    Penny Aqua V-Neck Swimdress With Removable Cups

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    V-Neck Swim Dress

    Any true fashion guru knows a sage piece of style advice that will never go amiss in everyday life – and if you don’t know it already, get ready to. “Sometimes, less is more.” A piece of advice as often-quoted as it is revered, and Losha’s line of swim dresses with a V-neck that speaks of something sweet and sassy all at once showcases the moral of it really spectacularly. With its simple but thoughtful design, out of the water, it may as well look like any other dress – though, of course, it is a given that the stretchable material of the swimwear would make it the world more flexible than your average dress. Still, most importantly, it is something with multiple uses and a certain elegance to it that will have you fall in love with one of them immediately. How could you not? These V-neck swim dresses are magically coloured and smartly cut, and both advantages put together to grant you a costume that will make you feel as special as you are! You deserve to be taken care of, and we are here to do it for you. Don’t forget to peruse through the line, and pick at least one V-neck swimdress to change your swimming experience for life!